Installing the plugin

  • Purchase Team and Testimonial Block Pro
  • Download to your plugin directory or simply install via the WordPress admin interface.
  • Activate.
  • Go to page/post edit panel
  • Click on “+” sign
  • Search and get Team and Testimonial block
  • You will get the beautiful block for WordPress pages/posts to build your site.

Get All Outstanding Controls at Your fingertips.

  • 3+ block background modes
  • 90+ block layout options
  • 100+ pre-designed block patterns
  • Multiple header section layouts with reverse option
  • Multiple button Layouts with icon option
  • Animation options on scroll
  • Typography and color controls
  • Gradients Color Effects
  • Font Awesome 5 Icons
  • Google fonts
  • Box-shadow and borders
  • Gaps and spacing controls
  • Highly customizable layouts

Exploring the Magic: You can have any of them at any time

Components of Team and Testimonial Block in order to build an awesome site with advanced options and controls

Background Modes

Only with the best background may you show the content worthwhile. The segment with several looks could lead to an improved header being imagined.

Team and Testimonials Block
Team and Testimonials Block
Team and Testimonials Block

Layout Options

A 90+ predefined collection of Layouts and controls of the Team and Testimonial Block, so you can create awesome sections.

Team and Testimonials Block
Team and Testimonials Block

Block Settings

Advanced block settings with options for the background color, image, shadow, and opacity with the effects of hover.

Team and Testimonials Block

Title Settings

You can only show the content to be worthwhile if you have the finest title. A better header may be imagined if the title/subtitle part was given multiple looks.

Team and Testimonials Block

Image Controls

Present your individual Team and Testimonial Block with icons or images with outstanding options.

Team and Testimonials Block

Rating Options

Present your individual star rating design with outstanding options.

Team and Testimonials Block

Description Options

With great iconography and color options, you may list your Team and Testimonial Block details.

Team and Testimonials Block

Social Links Options

Present your social link design with multiple layout options.

Team and Testimonials Block

Button Controls

Attractive button design with hover effects and options for fill and border styles.

Badge Settings

Make your special Team and Testimonial Block stand out from the crowd with a badge in a prominent location.

Animation Options

Animate your Team and Testimonial Block section when the user scrolls down the page so that they are adequately noticed.


Please feel free to contact support with any kind of difficulties regarding plugin setup and its available options.