May 17, 2022
wix vs wordpress
You can get all these from the WordPress directories. But depending upon your selection, you need to pay for its domain name registration, premium themes, and plugins.  The premium version will add some more advanced features to your site.

WordPress is one of the best platforms wholes over the world for creating your website. It is easy to use and install. WordPress offers you several outstanding features with which you can easily customize your site.

Likewise, Wix is another interesting and useful platform for developing a powerful website. Both Wix and WordPress provide the best tools for customizing your site.

Today in this article we are going to describe to you the difference of WordPress over Wix. Or you can say this article will help you to decide which one is the best option for your website. So let’s get started:

Website Builders and Contentment Management System

Wix offers you the best site builder service which is easy to use. Even beginners can do it well. Likewise, self-hosted WordPress, offer you a number of page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, and Divi. It will help its user for its easy access. WordPress is also taken as the best content management system which is filled with text, media, and links.

wix vs WordPress

Both of these two platforms are easy to use and understand as you should be perfect in coding. You can deal with both one without using any coding knowledge.

Ease of Use

Wix offers huge numbers of features which is very essential for any website. As Wix offers more than 500 website template, you can copy the elements just by drag and drop. It means you need not to be a coder. Isn’t it’s wow.

As you know that Wix is a hosted platform, so most of the management is controlled by its developers. Its user cannot use or import any types of outside tools. You have to a certain list, and they will be bounded with that tool. Wix is user-friendly so everyone can tackle it with easy access.

Now, coming to WordPress, it is a self-hosted platform so most of the functions and management are left for the user. It means the user can customize their website as per their needs and requirement any time anywhere. It has an administrative dashboard from where you can get access to every tool which is required for the theme and plugin installation.

It has no direct support forum. You can get advice and support from a worldwide WordPress Community which offers you advice about any aspect related to WordPress.

Flexibility and Versatility

While creating your website, you must think about its flexibility and versatility. As per the purpose and need you must set its features.

Wix offers you a variety of tools for a different purpose, but it is not enough for your site to accommodate growth. Somewhere Wix is limited within its features. The reason behind it is, Wix is hosted and it cannot provide any service beyond its limitation. And it might create a problem for your SEO ranking.

On the other side, WordPress is self-hosted and it is the main reason for its popularity. It has limitless services for its users. Its user has full right for choosing and customizing its features as per the requirement.

You just have to install the core WordPress code from WordPress theme and plugin directories. And now you are ready to create your website with limitless features. Hence WordPress is very versatile and flexible is a very important factor for any powerful website.

Setup and Maintaining Costs

Being a hosted platform, Wix has fixed cost for its every service like installation, setup, maintenance, domain name, hosting and many more. Its user doesn’t need to hire an external developer or to buy any additional assets for their site.

They get a monthly or yearly package with a fixed cost. You can also refer to its free starter plan but it has limited features. You can go through it for your lifetime.

Similarly, WordPress is free and open-source. So you can download, install and setup it without paying any costs. You can create your website almost for free with its free hosting, themes, and plugin.

You can get all these from the WordPress directories. But depending upon your selection, you need to pay for its domain name registration, premium themes, and plugins.  The premium version will add some more advanced features to your site.

E-commerce Support

It is very important that your site must be ready for commercial purposes for this you must need some WooCommerce ready plugins and themes. Wix offers you some e-commerce themed templates which you can use for your site. But it will not give a full response. But getting full functionality, you just need the payment gateway like PayPal, and Authority and some other e-commerce tools. You can also buy any e-commerce web hosting package for higher e-commerce support.

Likewise, WordPress offers you several free and premium eCommerce themes and plugins. You can use it for your site which will help you to make your site ready for commercial purposes. You can download or buy such themes and plugins from WordPress directories.

Data Portability

Last but not least, Wix offers you a limited option for the movement of your site content compared to another one. It allows you to export your posts and blog only in XML format which is not enough for us. You have to manually download other required files which might be a headache.

But if you are using WordPress you are not limited to export your content. You can export your content and blogs with a single click exporter. It is just easy access. As WordPress is a self-hosted platform, users can create complete backups of their site and download as well as export any media files.


Finally, we did with the differences between both the platform Wix and WordPress. Both of them provide amazing tools with full functionality for the development of your site. Wix is a hosted platform that offers you a package of all-in-one features that cannot be changed by the users. On another side, WordPress is a self-hosted platform where users can change their features as per their requirements. And I think it is the main reason for its popularity.

I hope this article will be helpful to you. You will get lots of information about both of the platforms which will help you to choose the best one for you. If you have any confusion, please leave your queries to our comment box. We will return with your answer as soon as possible. Keep visiting our site for more interesting and useful articles.

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