March 31, 2023
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If you want good SEO ranking, you have to robust CMS platform for your site. At first, you need to select an appropriate Webhost that supports WordPress. After this, you can go for the installation procedure by downloading WordPress from Here, you can also get thousands of plugins and themes both in the free and premium versions.

People launch their website day-by-day. Every day, you can see thousands of websites on the internet. Are you one of them? Are you about to launch your site? If yes, go through this article once. Here I came with some basic strategy that will help you to make your site powerful and managed.

If you want good SEO ranking, you have to robust CMS platform for your site. At first, you need to select an appropriate Webhost that supports WordPress. After this, you can go for the installation procedure by downloading WordPress from Here, you can also get thousands of plugins and themes both in the free and premium versions.

So if you are about to launch your WordPress website, I assure you this article will be very helpful for you. In this, I am going to discuss the things which you have to do before launching your Website. Let’s have a look:

Install a WordPress backup Solution

The first thing you should take care of is the backup solution of WordPress. You need to set up a WordPress backup solution on your website. This backup will work as an insurance policy for your website. If by mistake, anything goes wrong, then you need not worry about it. You can easily recover it from its backup. There are best backup plugins available as well.

To get a backup, you need to implement any backup plugin on your site. You can get thousands of such plugin in the WordPress directory both free and premium ones. And you need not worry about its setup, as it can be done very easily. Besides this, you have to make automatically scheduled for its backups to be saved on a cloud storage service like Dropbox, Amazon S3, or Google Drive.

Secure WordPress Admin Area

As you all know that WordPress is one of the popular platforms worldwide. But popularity, it is the most hacking platform. Hackers mainly target the website built on WordPress because of its popularity. As WordPress comes with powerful security, it cannot be hacked with easy access. Though we have to be alert about our website. And because of this reason, you need to secure your admin area.

There are several elements that will help you to protect your admin area like Sucuri firewall. With this, your site will be fully secured and you can run your site without any threats.

Check Your Site for 404 Errors

Missing links on your very first website will reflect a quite bad impression on your audience. Whether it is your first website or you have created a lot already, before launching your site make sure all of its connected links are added properly. To remove this error, you have to add your site to Google Webmaster Tools.

With a new website, you will not get this service, you have to add your site manually to Google Search Console or Webmaster tools. You can also set up email alerts for 404 errors on your WordPress site.

E-mail Configuration

Sometimes e-mail sends by the sender is delivered to the other parties. Such emails are treated as spam e-mails. By default, WordPress site uses a PHP mail function for sending e-mails. To keep your site protected from such spam e-mails, I suggest you use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). It will help you to detect all the emails and also increases the frequency of e-mail delivered and received. You can install and configure WP Mail SMTP plug-in very easily.

Also, you need to check your email list and send test emails to confirm that your emails are delivered to the right person.

Check All Forms on Your Site

The form is an important element for any WordPress website. So once you have configured your e-mail setting, you have to make sure that all forms on your site are working smoothly. There are several forms in a website like contact forms, comment forms, email subscription forms, and so on, you have to check all of them. Make sure every form on your site works properly.

In the case of a multi-author website, the admin should check the login and registration forms. This is responsible for their login procedure and helps you to manage them.

eCommerce Websites

Likewise, if you have an eCommerce website, you need to check your site’s user experience aspects. For this, you have to keep yourself in the place of users, browse the site and think like visitors. This will help you to know about the actual situation of your site and you can get some creative ideas to modify it. To check your site performance, you should also browse products, add them to cart, and even do a test transaction.

Other important elements for an eCommerce website are receipts, invoices, shipping cost calculations, taxes, etc. So before launching an eCommerce website keep this thing on your mind, you will surely get an amazing site.

Check Images, Videos, Sliders

You all are familiar with the importance of images, videos, and audios on a website. It is the most powerful element of any type of website. These have the ability to make your site attractive, SEO optimized with huge traffic.

So make sure all the images and videos in your site are loading properly. In case you are using WordPress slider plugin, then make sure that the slider is working on all browsers and devices smoothly.

Test Social Integrations

The best medium to grab popularity for your site is social media. Social media plays a very important role to make a powerful website. To integrate your site with different social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. with this, your user finds a way to share your content on their social media platform.

For this, you can integrate your site with social sharing plugins. You can also enable Twitter Cards, Facebook Open Graph meta-data, and social monitoring tools on your WordPress website.

Check SEO settings

To get a top rank on search engines, you need to make your site SEO optimized. This is also responsible for attracting more traffic on your site. A site with a better SEO setting means a site having more engagement.

Yoast SEO Plugin

If you want to get site SEO potential, you need to install SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, All in one SEO, and others. Additionally, put appropriate headings, page titles and focused keywords for better results.

Wrapping Up

Well, we almost cover the overall guide which you have to follow before launching your website. Don’t miss any of this suggestion if you want a powerful website with huge traffic. No matter whether you are beginners or an expert, you can easily make your site SEO optimized and launch it in a managed way with this guidance.

I hope, you get this article helpful for you. If you are getting any confusion, you can send your queries to our comment section. We will make sure all of you get your answer soon. Keep visiting our site for more interesting articles.

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