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The Ultimate Security Guide for your WordPress Site in 2019

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You mostly hear that sites of larger organization are hacked. But it does not mean that the smaller organizations are safe. Due to their less popularity, their news is hidden or out of our contact. The fact is that all sizes of sites are getting hacked by several hacker days by day. So strictly be serious about the security of your sites.

Are you running any WordPress website? For the sustainability of your site you must keep it secure, isn’t it? Just think once what are you doing for your site’s security. Is it enough for its total security? You must keep in mind that security is the most important factor for your every site. Site’s security must be your first priority because even with a simple error, your user starts to avoid your site. And you all know the importance of site’s traffic so you must be aware of these conditions.

You mostly hear that sites of larger organization are hacked. But it does not mean that the smaller organizations are safe. Due to their less popularity, their news is hidden or out of our contact. The fact is that all sizes of sites are getting hacked by several hacker days by day. So strictly be serious about the security of your sites. The larger organization have invested a lot for their site’s security but on the other hand, a small company cannot afford that much which affect the security system very badly.

There are websites created on WordPress because of its popularity. As we all know that popular things are noticed by everyone, isn’t it? However, these sites are targeted by several malicious hackers and spammers. So today in this article we will discuss the site’s hacking and its security measures to keep your WordPress website secured from the hackers.

Table of Contents

Basic Ideas

  1. Importance of WordPress security
  2. Regular updates
  3. Use a different and strong password
  4. Role of Web Hosting

Stepwise Security Procedure

  1. Install WordPress Backup Solution
  2. Unpredictable admin and user names
  3. Find a strong hosting
  4. Use of SSL/HTTPS
  5. Turn off the coding
  6. Limit login attempts
  7. Two-factor authentication
  8. Security Question to WordPress login
  9. Scan WordPress for Malware and Vulnerabilities
  10. Fixing a hacked WordPress website

Now we will deal with all the topic one by one in brief so you will clear about the security factor.

Importance of WordPress security

Most of the WordPress sites are used as business professionals. Single damage in the site will badly affect the business as well as your client. And as a result, your business lost its popularity and reflect towards loss. Once your site is hacked, there will be a loss of important data like user information, passwords which may or may not be recovered. Not only that, but it can also send malware to your users. So you need to pay full and extra attention to your site’s security.

Regular updates

As we all know that WordPress is an open source and its updates are releasing regularly for its proper maintenance. It offers you several themes and plugin which can be installed in your site as per your requirement. Their maintenance is done by the third party. So if you want your security for your website, go through its regular updates which will help you to fix the bugs if available in your website and also offers some advanced features.

Use a different and strong password

If you are using a similar password for different account and database, it will be very easy for the hacker to crack it. The hacker has not to guess more, they just collect some data by their tools with which they can easily hack your site. But if you are using different and some strong password, it makes them difficult to crack and you can keep your website secured.

Role of Web Hosting

10 Best WordPress Hosting for 2019

Another important factor for website security is its hosting. You should pay extra attention while choosing your hosting and make sure it is strong and is providing advanced measures to protect your server. So always try to choose managed WordPress Hosting service to make your platform secure. Some of the roles of web hosting are listed below:

  • Monitor their network for all single activity.
  • Prevents from a DDOS attack
  • Keep their server up to date to prevent from hacker
  • In case of a minor accident, they are prepared for the recovery

Install WordPress Backup Solution

The sites can be hacked anytime from anywhere. It does not ring a bell before hacking. So you need to be prepared before. Backups are the first attempts you can do for your data recovery. It quickly recovers your all data in case of its loss. Different paid and free WordPress backup plugins are available for your help. You can use any of these and the best part is it needs no coding knowledge. So even beginners can keep their website secured from these plugins. We recommend you to store your data on a cloud service like Amazon, Dropbox, or private clouds like Stash. Some of the backup plugins are VaultPress, UpdraftPlus and so on.

Unpredictable admin and user names

As the password, the name of admin and users also should be unique. It will add more security to your website and protect it from the hacker’s attacks. In addition, you can also use larger usernames which will be difficult to crack by the hacker. So keeping long, unique and different usernames for every single account keep your website secured and hence no loss in data.

Find a strong hosting

Hosting is an act as a home to your website. And you better the importance of the home and its strength, isn’t it? You should choose the strong web hosting provider which has an automatic update and backup facility. A single host provider is the home of several websites and if any of them get affected, all of them will be affected. So always try to choose a strong web hosting for proper security.


Ultimate WordPress Security Guide

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is protocols which help to secure your data by creating encrypts data transfer between your site and user browser. Due to this, it will be difficult or even impossible for a hacker to hack your site and steal the information. Once the SSL in enable, your site automatically uses HTTPS instead of HTTP and also create a lock system to your site. Usually, the SSL costs start from $80 which is quite costly and everyone cannot prefer. Later on, a non-profit organization, Let’s encrypt started to offer free SSL certificate which is very helpful in the website security.

Turn off the coding

In case your site or user ID is hacked, anyone can make changes to your site which may not be in your favor. So always keep your code turn off. You can do it from your dashboard.  This will protect your site from unnecessary change.

Limit login attempts

When you install WordPress, by default it provides uncountable trial for the login. But if you want your website secured, change this option and limit its attempts. Hacker usually makes a different combination for login information which sometimes can successfully unlock your ID and they can enter your website. Software like firewall automatically take care of this but if you have no firewall you can activate Login LockDown plugin.

Two-factor authentication

Suppose the hacker cracked your site’s password and you have activated two-factor authentication for your site, the hacker cannot do anything. Because to steal any information from your site, the hacker must know about both passwords which are quite difficult as the second password is provided from another device. Most of the popular websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter and many others using this service for their protection.

Security Question to WordPress login

This is another important factor for your site security. You can do this by installing WP Security Question plugins. Once you activate the plugin, you can customize your security question which will be required during the login and it is quite impossible for a hacker to hack your site.

Scan WordPress for Malware and Vulnerabilities

There are several WordPress Security Plugin which automatically checks the malware and another security system. But if your traffic is going down, you can manually scan your sites for malware and other Vulnerabilities which is quite straight forward. This is really very helpful for your site protection.

Fixing a hacked WordPress website

The above information is for securing your website from a hacker. What if your site was hacked? How to fix them? Most of the hacker install backdoors on the hacked sites and if you don’t fix them, your site can be hacked again. You should allow the professional security company to fix your site like Sucuri which will keep your website secured even in the future.


Hence this is all about WordPress site security. Please go through this once, I assure you will able to protect your site from malware and hackers. To protect your site data, user ID and password and many other things you must keep your site secured. This article will be very helpful for your site protection.

For any queries and information comment us on our page, we will come up with your solution as soon as possible. You can also send us your review, we heartily accept all of them. Keep visiting our site for a more interesting article.

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