Sat. Nov 30th, 2019


Once the menu is created, you can select the page path were you want to add it, and also you can arrange its order simply by drag and drop. If you are not familiar with menus location, visit the site once and recheck the menus if its location is not perfect. You have to make sure that for what purpose you are using the menus before adding any items.... Read More
When you want to publish the post in a specific time or date, in such case, you can schedule the post in WordPress. For instance, if your readers are from another country and you need to match the time for the post published, at that time you can use this WordPress feature. Furthermore, when you want to go for a long vacation but want to make your website keep updated, you can write the required post and published them on the specific schedule.... Read More
Excerpt in WordPress refers to the summary of the post. Excerpt replaces the full content in RSS feed and we can easily manage it from the reading section of settings. Depending on the themes, an excerpt can display where the quick summary is preferred rather than full content. ... Read More
Whenever you want to make your post fresh, you can change the post published date in WordPress post. Likewise, you can also change the date on the page. WordPress has the functionality to change the post published date and it is very easy to do that. In this blog post, we are going to share you about how to change the post published date in posts and pages.... Read More

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