June 24, 2024
magazine WordPress theme page info
Newsium is one of the best WordPress themes which is perfect for your news and magazine website. It helps you to present your articles and blog in an attractive way. With this, you can showcase your content in a proper and managed way. This will help to get more traffic on your site. And hence your site will get top search engine rank.

A news website is very helpful to present your ideas and reviews in front of others. But at the same time, it is quite difficult to deal with it if you do not follow the proper guidance. First of you have to choose a better platform for creating your website. And I think WordPress will be the best option for it. After this, you have to select a proper theme which offers you several features which you required for your news website.

If you visit the WordPress directory, there are thousands of themes available for any type of news website. Among all those, today I came with one of the best responsive magazine themes which are none other than Newsium.

Newsium is one of the best WordPress themes which is perfect for your news and magazine website. It helps you to present your articles and blog in an attractive way. With this, you can showcase your content in a proper and managed way. This will help to get more traffic on your site. And hence your site will get top search engine rank.

magazine WordPress theme newsium

Likewise, Newsium comes with live customizer, so you can check how your site will look when it is live. And you can customize it in a beautiful way by changing al alternation. Not only that but also the theme is compatible with Gutenberg as well as RTL ready. I am sure, you will get a great news website with Newsium and also have a great experience. Additionally, the theme is integrated with the WooCommerce plugin which means it is a great platform to create a commercial website. From these all I can say that Newsium is the best choice for creating any type of news portal.

To get more information about Newsium lets go through its several features which are just wow. But before this let me introduce you with its key features.

Key Features:

  • Live editing option
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Plugins
  • RTL ready
  • Attractive page layout
  • SEO Optimized
  • Integrated with Gutenberg
  • Preloader option
  • Logo and title customization
  • Easy to Use and Implement
  • Responsive layout

magazine WordPress theme

Now let’s deal with its main features one by one in detail:

Live editing Option

Live Preview is one of the most interesting features of Newsium. Whenever we create something, we might get confuse about its output. We are not sure how it looks when it is viewed preview. But in this theme, you can customize the theme in a way you like and check it views with live preview customizer. If you feel anything odd, you can re-customize it so that you can get the best result.

magazine WordPress theme customizer

Fully Responsive

To get a powerful website, you have to make sure it looks great on all types of screens. If you can’t do it your website will be worthless and you get very less traffic on it. But not to worry anymore as Newsium is created with fully responsive layout. Websites created with this theme can easily detect any size of the visitor’s screen. The page layout will automatically change according to the screen from which visitor is visiting your site. Hence this will attract the visitors towards your website.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine is the most important factor for any website. If you want more traffic on your size, you have to make sure your site is SEO optimized. The theme is designed and created with the integration of Yoast SEO and other SEO plugins in mind. Its amazing features help to keep your website to the top rank of search engine. If you want to increase the visitors to your site, you can simply customize and expand its contents.

Cross-Browser Compatible

Another interesting feature of Newsium is its cross-browser compatibility. The theme is tested clearly and well-attuned with all primary browsers. They are also compliant with the primary web standards. Some of its compatible browsers are Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Edge.

Integrated with Gutenberg

Newsium is integrated with Gutenberg. It will allow you to build sleek and high-performing websites. With this, you will get a new editing experience. This editing experience uses a block-based experience to make it easier than ever for site creators.

Easy to Setup

Likewise, you can easily setup Newsium on your website. It allows you to preview change lively, widgets with meaningful options, demo content imports, and video tutorials. So you don’t have to take any headache with its setup process. So you need not hire any expert or coder to deal with this amazing theme.

Premium Version

Well, Newsium is not limited in its free version. But also it is available in premium one with some additional and exciting features. In the free version, you can get amazing features that are really awesome.  But in case you want some more additional features for your website then you can upgrade your theme to the premium version. It will offer you some additional features which you can implement to your website to make it more powerful and attractive. Now let’s have a short brief about the premium version of Newsium.

  • Advanced typography with elegant color option
  • Dark and light mode option
  • Multiple header options
  • Image and Widgetized option for Banner advertisement
  • 7 option for colors
  • 13+ custom widgets
  • Advanced control over background-color
  • Numeric, Ajax, Infinite scroll option for pagination

magazine WordPress theme free pro

How to install Newsium Theme?

You can install the theme with very easy steps. Even beginners can do it in a simple way like a piece of a cake. Let’s go through the steps:

  • Go to the appearance of your admin panel
  • From Appearance go to the themes and click on add new
  • Search theme Newsium
  • Click on Install theme
  • After the theme gets installed, click on activate.

Hence you finish with the installation process, isn’t is very easy? You will get a Getting started pages here you will see the lots of information about the theme as well.

magazine WordPress theme page info


Finally, we did with almost all the amazing features of Newsium. This is really one of the best themes suitable for any magazine and news site. It is built up with various outstanding features which will amaze you, the features are just wow. I can assure you will have a great experience with the use of Newsium and will be able to create a wonderful website.

I hope you get this article useful for you. You can send us your review and queries regarding this in our comment section. We make sure all of your queries are answered. Keep visiting our site for more such interesting plugin.

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