April 17, 2024
WordPress Gallery Plugin Modula
All Modula galleries are 100% responsive so that they look great regardless of any devices on which they are being viewed. Custom grids are introduced in Modula to give greater flexibility over how you display the images on your website.

Today through the decades, we might be bored of using the same native WordPress gallery. But what can one do, if there is no option available? But no more. Modula a stylish, handy & convenient WordPress gallery plugin is here to say goodbye to those boring and traditional galleries. Let’s take a look, how Modula is easiest to use, most powerful and extensible WordPress gallery plugin available today.

All Modula galleries are 100% responsive so that they look great regardless of any devices on which they are being viewed. Custom grids are introduced in Modula to give greater flexibility over how you display the images on your website. Another great thing that comes with Modula is the functionality of extensions that will make your WordPress site even more powerful & customizable than ever. Without any due, let’s jump in and point out some more stunning features of the Modula.

  • Lightbox Gallery
  • Image Hover Effects
  • Custom Grids
  • Video Gallery
  • GIF Gallery
  • Social Sharing
  • Filterable Gallery
  • Image Loaded Effects
  • Gallery with Margins

WordPress gallery plugin

Why WordPress Gallery Plugin Modula is best for your WordPress site?

Modula is a well-coded and convenient gallery plugin that provides easy to use interface for its users. Compacted with advanced features like gallery filters and hover effects this plugin is free of cost and very handy. In addition, you can also resize and even set the aspect ratio of the images to flourish your creative and impeccable gallery.  To be more, we are elaborating some of the marked features of the Modula gallery plugin.

Image Loaded Effects

Modula is delivered with 4 varieties of cool image animations effects. Moreover, this effect lets your image gallery to be more dynamic and provides creative and gratifying touch. You have the option to choose between horizontal and vertical sliding for image slider. Similarly, rotation and scale effects are also on the list to give a more appealing glimpse to your image gallery. The plugin adds a great gallery with all these effects so that your website always stands out to be the best one.

Image Hover Effects

Modula has compacted 12 stunning and creative hover effects within. These effects directly impact your audience engagement. Modula’s image hovers effects are designed to run in a fully responsive in a manner so that it runs in any devices despite its orientation and size. They are cross-browser compatible and is backed with modern techniques like CSS3. Besides this, hover effects are exclusive and can be used with an image title, short description to that image and even user can use social icons for generating a unique and hot off press image galleries.

Filterable Image Galleries

WordPress Gallery Plugin

Imagine, if you have to go round and round to search the image of your choice. This will be surely one last thing you want to do even if you have enough leisure time. Modula image gallery is providing a full functioning filterable image galleries which make easier for you to sort the image from your large collection. Now you can find the image in a more convenient and better way. It was never so easy to find out one right image out of thousands of your image collection.

LightBox Gallery

FancyBox, LightGallery, Lightbox, Magnific Popup, PrettyPhoto, and SwipeBox are the 6 fantastic lightbox styles that come with Modula plugin. These styles come with varying designs and moreover, you can add some more contouring like keyboard navigation. Besides that, the plugin provides extended lineups such as touchscreen compatibility for mobile devices, easy to use social media sharing options, and the competence to download your images.

Regardless of the lightbox styles, you can even switch from creative gallery layouts to custom grid layout from which you can set the size of each individual images present in your gallery.

GIF & Video Gallery

WordPress Gallery Plugin

GIFs and videos provide life to your gallery. Making a video gallery might consume a lot more effort and time, but not for Modula. With the Modula plugin, you can create a great video or even a GIF gallery without putting much effort and time. You can easily add self-hosted or even from 3rd party sources like YouTube.

Social Sharing  

Social sharing and using social media has become a part of a human’s basic need these days. Therefore, an eye catchy thing, no matter if it is an image, a GIF or even a video, people would always like to share it with their social profile online. Therefore for making this process easier to lot more social beings out there, Modula has a dominant feature of social sharing. It was never easy to share your content to your visitor’s social site before Modula’s social sharing option.

Custom Grids  

Custom grids are not going to make you one of the Avengers, but it will surely provide the flexibility and the control over your images and image gallery that you are always looking for. Modula plugin gives the custom grid functionality in order to give you the power of adjusting the size, controlling the heights and also changing the aspect ratio of each particular images by just drag and drop.


If you are thinking that with all the top-notch features Modula is a very complex plugin and you need a top class background to use it, but hold it here to make it easy for you beside features, Modula also has perfect and clean documentation. Even an immature can use the documentation to use all the incredible features of this plugin.


The cornerstone of any plugin is its support. No matter what features it has, but if you cannot find the way out from your difficulty while using the plugin then the plugin is of no use. You’ll be more than pleased to know that Modula is backed with a full dedicated support team. The support team is continuously working together to get you out of any complicated steps effortlessly. The full command center is just a message away from you, you simply need to write your trouble and cheers!!, the reinforcement team is on its way.

Wrapping Up

Everyone wants to give a trending looks to their website. They want to present the images and contents in such a way that it looks more attractive and well polished. To accommodate all your needs, Modula is a hand-picked plugin. Modula is a leading gallery plugin available in the industry. With the easy to use features Modula lets you create an upscale image gallery with a very less effort. Similarly, the videos are also part of this fine gallery plugin. You can even create a dashing video gallery in WordPress Posts with a variety of effects.

Marking the earmark, if you are in the image and graphics business then Modula will be a gem for you. You’ll have the flexibility to play with the images size and aspect ratio in order to give the desired looks to your portfolio. Creating a custom grid, drag & drop features for creating custom layouts for your perfect gallery. Modula is available with more than twelve effects and layouts so that you can combine these to create a distinct gallery.

Hence it is highly recommended that in order to make your website more engaging, you must power up your galleries with the Modula plugin. This high performing plugin always satisfies its users with its pleasing and creative end results.

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