April 18, 2024
kisnta wordpress hosting review
Before choosing any hosting keep these features in your mind. You can get several hosting for your site. But among those all, today we came with best ever hosting called “Kinsta”. It will provide all the above features with some additional features which we will discuss later.

Whenever you are going to build your site, you just need hosting for it. A web hosting is a service that enables the user to share and post their website on the internet. It is a type of business that provides technologies and other services that are required for any website to be viewed on the internet.

If you want to keep your site with an online presence, you need to choose a reliable web hosting. Let me give you an overview of the importance of web hosting:

  • It helps to reduce the downtime of your site
  • Organized all your e-mails
  • Able to manage huge site traffic
  • Maintain your hardware effectively
  • Enhanced Marketing

So before choosing any hosting keep these features in your mind. You can get several hosting for your site. But among those all, today we came with best ever hosting called “Kinsta”. It will provide all the above features with some additional features which we will discuss later.

kisnta wordpress hosting review

Kinsta is a well-managed hosting platform that is also easy to grasp for anyone. It focuses on the overall management of your site. Kinsta is supported by SSL so you can easily install the SSL certificate for your site. It provides high security with its top-notch service and cutting edge technology. Kinsta WordPress Hosting handles all your administrative works like speed security, its updates, the uptime of your site, regular backups, installation and many more.

Why choose Kinsta WordPress Hosting?

  • Runs on Google Cloud Platform
  • Fast and secure hosting
  • Top-notch customer support
  • As per your need, it provides the best solution for business, enterprise and custom hosting
  • Offers 5 GB of SSD and 50 GB of server bandwidth
  • 1 free site migration
  • Supported by Let’s Encrypt
  • Premium DNS management
  • Available extensive base knowledge
  • Supported by HTTP/2, PHP 7, HHVM, SSH, WP-CLI, Git and many more        

Main Features

Now let me elaborate on some of its important features in detail so you can be more familiar with this WordPress Hosting.

kisnta wordpress hosting review

Outstanding server speed

As you know that speed is the most important factor for any hosting as well for your site. It can determine the ranking and success of your site. So if you are using Kinsta for your site, you need not worry anymore about the speed and SEO ranking. Kinsta will take care of it very well.

Automatic and regular Backups 

Kinsta hosting provides its automatic backup for all plans. You can set the backups minimum for 14 days for its entry-level plans. Similar to the backup day’s increases as per its subscription plan. Anyone can go through its backup procedure as it can be done very smoothly. You can also set the installation process on a live site or test environment. Furthermore, it also offers you an hourly basis of backup but you have to pay some additional amount of fee for it.

Google Cloud Platform 

Google Cloud Platform is a unique feature of this hosting as it is not available on another hosting. So it makes Kinsta different and better from another hosting. This feature allows you to host and maintain your site with the help of google. It is just wow.

Available Cache

Similarly, Kinsta hosting manages to catch at all the levels. Cache minimizes the overload of work which is required for generating a page view. It offers 4 types of caching which are listed below:

  • Object Cache
  • Bytecode Cache
  • CDN Cache
  • Page Cache·      

kisnta wordpress hosting review

Free Site Migration

Whenever you are about to migrate your site, you have to pay for it in another hosting. But with Kinsta it is free of cost. Yes, you heard right you need not pay anything for your site migration. For that, you have to sign up and go to the Kinsta dashboard and follow the further steps. You can also, apply for the migration for which will help you to complete your migration in time and smoothly.

Staging Site

Last but not least, Kinsta Hosting offers you a staging site that is duplicate of your live site. If you want any changes then you can simply apply it on your staging site. If the changes are ok then you can apply it on your live site. It will make your site error-free and more effective.

Now you are familiar with the interesting and amazing features of Kinsta. You might be thinking about why not to use another hosting then using Kinsta. Or what is the perfect situation for using it? So let me tell you when you need this hosting:

  • When you want a spike in your site traffic
  • When you want quick and better support for your site
  • When you are looking for your site growth
  • When you want to be online every single second·   

Hosting Prices of Kinsta

Kinsta offers 4 hosting plans. Let’s have a look once:

kisnta wordpress hosting review

Starter Plan

If you are using its starter plan then you have to pay $30 per month for a single WordPress install. It also includes 20000 websites visit and 3 GB disk space.

Pro Plan

Likewise, it’s Pro plan costs $60 per month for 2 WordPress installs, 40000 websites visits and 6 GB disk space.

Business Plans

Similarly, it’s business plan starts from $100- $400 per month for 3 WordPress Installs, 100000 website visits, and 10 GB hard disk.

Enterprise Plans

Finally, Kinsta hosting enterprise plan starts from $600 per month for 60 websites install, 1000000 website installs and 80 GB disk space.

Pro and Cons of Kinsta WordPress Hosting


  • Monitor for malware in a real-time
  • Provides effective and high security
  • Best known for its performance
  • Created with advanced developer features
  • Keep the backups daily automatically


  • Email hosting is not available
  • No domain purchase
  • It has limitation for some plugins·  


Hence in the above discussion, we try to put all important features of Kinsta WordPress hosting. I hope it will be helpful for you to choose the right hosting for your upcoming site. I assure you will have a great experience with this Kinsta hosting. Kinsta offers you several interesting features like security monitoring, automatic and regular backup, impressive customizing tools, staging site and many more.

So use this hosting once I am sure you will get the best result. If you have any problem regarding the article and Kinsta hosting, please leave your queries in our comment section. You will return with your best answer as soon as possible. Keep visiting our site for more interesting articles.

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