May 21, 2024
There are different methods to install the plugin. These methods include easy ways for beginners to the advanced ways for those with a little more experience regarding WordPress.

Many of you might be unknown about the word Plugin, Isn’t it? Many questions may be arising in your mind regarding the WordPress plugin. It is common if you are beginners to WordPress. So I want you to know that plugins are a very essential element of each and every single website. So every WordPress developer should have knowledge about the plugins. Let’s have a brief introduction to the plugin.

What is a plugin?

Plugin, a piece of software built up with a set of functions that can be added to the WordPress website. They are responsible for adding some additional features to your website. If you are a layman and have no knowledge about coding, plugins are very useful for you. It makes it easy to add any features without any coding knowledge. WordPress Plugins are mainly written in the PHP programming language. There are several plugins available in free as well as premium version. You can get it all from the official WordPress plugin directory.

Plugins are a very powerful factor for your site. It can turn your simple website into a fully functioning e-commerce store, social network or forum. It can also add several amazing and advanced features to your website which will really amaze you.

You can download the free plugin or may buy if you want the premium one from its official site. One of the best places to find the WordPress plugin is WordPress.Org. You can choose any of it which will be perfect for your site. Its available demo will may you to choose the right one and download. After download, the first question you will encounter is how to install the plugin in your WordPress site. But not to worry about it. You can go through the following steps which will help you to complete your installation process.

Before installing any WordPress plugins you need to be careful about listed things:

  • Always try to use the plugin from the reputable directories or developers such as
  • Read the review of the plugin
  • Check the updated details

This investigation helps you to secure your website and as a result, you will be able to create a powerful website.

There are different methods to install the plugin. These methods include easy ways for beginners to the advanced ways for those with a little more experience regarding WordPress. Today we are going to deal with three different methods on how to install WordPress plugin in your website. These three methods are listed below:

  • Install via WordPress Dashboard
  • Directly upload a plugin from WordPress
  • Install via SFTP

Now we deal with these all methods one by one in detail

Install WordPress Plugins via the WordPress Dashboard

Our first method especially focuses on beginners. Installation process from your WordPress dashboard is one of the easiest processes to get the plugin to your website. At the top of your website page, you will notice several tabs where you can find a list of available plugins. Some of the listed categories of plugins are:

  • Featured
  • Most popular
  • Recommended
  • Favorite plugin

Once you know the name of the plugin you required, you can directly search it from the dashboard and install it. You can go through the following steps to install the plugin from this method:

  • Go to the plugins in your dashboard
  • Click on add new
  • Find the plugin you want from the given list or make a search for one
  • Before you choose the one to install, first view all detail
  • Once you fixed the plugin, click on the “Install Button”
  • While installing, the orange button starts running. You have to wait till it stops
  • Finally, click on the “Active” button

With these steps, you did with the first installation procedure. Isn’t it very easy? Hence beginners can use this method without any a headache and can install the plugin to their website.

Directly upload a plugin from WordPress

Likewise, the second method to directly upload plugin from WordPress. The plugins (free or premium), which is not listed in the directory cannot be installed from the first method. In such case, this method is perfect for you. The plugins from outside the directory can upload manually. All downloaded plugins come in a zip format. You have to keep them archived and follow the following steps to install it. Following listed steps help you to install the plugin.

  • Go to the plugins on your dashboard
  • Select the “Add New” button
  • On the top of your page, you will get the “Upload Plugin” button, click on that button
  • If your plugin is in .zip format, click on “Choose file” button
  • After that choose the ZIP file of your plugin from your computer
  • Finally, click on the “Install Now” button
  • After this, you have to wait for a minute to complete the installation process.
  • Once you installed the plugin, click on the “Activate Plugin” button

Install via SFTP

Finally our third and last one method is to install via SFTP. This one is a more advanced method so the user must have basic knowledge about WordPress and its plugins.  For this, you have to learn how to work with the file transfer protocol. This method requires you to upload files manually to the server and finally activate the plugin through the admin panel. In this method, you have to use a free FileZilla FTP client to upload the Yoast plugin to your WordPress website. So let’s go through the following steps to install the plugin.

  • Go to the plugins page from the WordPress plugin directory website.
  • Click on red download button to transfer the plugin zip to your computer
  • Unzip the plugin files
  • Likewise, connect to your site’s server using FTP
  • Navigate to the wp-content folder within the WordPress installation for your website
  • Navigate to the /wp-content/plugins directory
  • Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins directory on your web server
  • Go to the “Installed Plugins” options and click on “Activate” under the plugin you just uploaded via SFTP.


Hence we did with the all 3 installation process for WordPress plugin.  The first and second one is simple methods which are beginners friendly. The third one id advanced method for the installation process which requires some basic knowledge of FTP. We hope that the above process helped you to install plugins on your website. These processes are very easy to learn and implement. I assure you can easily install the plugins and able to add more and more additional features to your website.

If you faced any type of problems while installing the plugins or in case of any confusion regarding the above process you can comment us. We heartily accept all of your queries and try to solve it as soon as possible. You will get full support from our outstanding support team. For furthermore WordPress related information stay connected with us and keep visiting our website.

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