June 24, 2024

By creating online news portal services, the majority of related businesses are moving online. While technology is developing at a breakneck pace, newspapers, and magazines will undoubtedly have difficulty staying in business. However, everything can change thanks to a robust online presence. The ideal strategy is to adapt and modify over time. Without spending big bucks, you can establish a powerful online presence by building a news portal website. So, how to start a news website if you are not a programming genius? The creation and customization of a news portal is a straightforward procedure. You can complete it by following a few steps listed below.

How to Start News Website

1. Focus on choosing a suitable domain name and web hosting.

The initial step in crafting any type of website follows a similar process. To run your website, you will require a domain name and web hosting. Here are some things to consider before selecting them.

  1. Your domain name should be distinctive since it will reflect your news website. Choosing a domain is an extremely individual decision. Make sure to be patient and consider various alternatives. If you are struggling to come up with some ideas, some domain name generators can assist.
  2. All web hosts are not created equal. You must select a service that provides excellent productivity as well as capabilities that will make things smoother. These may include automatic backups, superior security, and others. Anyway, shared hosting or a Virtual Private Server (VPS) should be enough to get you started.

2. Turn to a multi-functional CMS and high-quality theme.

Now that your domain name and web hosting are ready, choose a CMS to develop your site. In this scenario, we propose you develop your site with WordPress. 

In general, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system. It implies that everyone can help out with its development. In addition to this, it is only growing more prominent and promises to expand. These days, it hosts roughly 40% of all websites online. In this way, you will never have to go far for assistance or struggle to discover guides to help you construct.

How to Choose the Best News Themes WordPress?

Choosing the appropriate ready-made solution is critical for every sort of website. People choose news themes WordPress that reflect them and allow development around it and make it your own. So, you need something with a news or magazine layout. It also needs to display a variety of easily reading material. Here are a few ideas for WordPress news magazine themes for you.

Kreeti – Clean, Elegant, and Responsive WordPress Theme

Initiate News Website with Kreeti WordPress Theme

This news theme WordPress premium makes it possible to create a dynamic and engaging site. You will get a bunch of pre-designed demos for different niches, including sports, fashion, gadgets, and others.

Main Features:

  • compatible with WooCommerce;
  • header options;
  • drop-down menu;
  • Live Customizer;
  • translation ready.

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Weeklypage – News and Magazine WordPress Theme

One of the best WordPress news magazine themes that will assist you in getting an eye-catching website. It includes a drag-and-drop builder that ensures a straightforward customization process at a fast pace.

Main Features:

  • single post layouts;
  • blog section;
  • WooCommerce compatibility;
  • social media integration;
  • multi-language and currency.

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MoreNews Pro – Professional WordPress Theme for News, Blog, and Magazine Websites

Draw attention to this news theme WordPress premium if you require a first-class website. It will provide you with multiple site templates that you can easily import and personalize.

Main Features:

  • 16 various widgets;
  • light and dark versions;
  • animation effects;
  • drop-down menu;
  • WPML support.

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KANE – News Magazine Blog Bootstrap WordPress Theme

If you are looking for creative WordPress news magazine themes, this variant will meet your needs. The package includes four homepage models and different post layouts to engage as many viewers as possible.

Main Features:

  • unique “Like an App” frontend;
  • easy-to-customize;
  • dark mode switch;
  • custom color selectors;
  • black and white mode on a slider.

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Newsever Pro – Ideal Best News Themes WordPress

A perfect match for those who want to construct a blogging, magazine, or publishing website. Thanks to a Live Customizer, you are free to examine all the changes before publishing the online project.

Main Features:

  • different pre-designed demos;
  • Instagram carousel;
  • header options;
  • cross-browser-compatible design;
  • banner advertisement.

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  1. How to Start News Website: What Elements Are Worth Including?


You can keep viewers of your website up to date with the most recent and significant news. It is possible to include links to the news using newsletters. They are frequently used by businesses to demonstrate their concern for their customers, users, or readers.


Enable site visitors to get notifications. As a result, everybody who visits the website will get notifications about the most recent updates, articles, and others.

Personal Account

It is critical that users create a personal profile on the site. Individuals will be able to keep all the data they require as well as post their news.

Comment System

Add the option for site visitors to submit comments under articles and news. People will be able to debate current events and remain engaged.

Collaboration With Other Resources

You should include the ability to integrate numerous services into your news website to make it more complex.


Podcasts are audio programs that people can listen to whenever they want. It is a popular form of material these days, so try to implement it in your online project.

  1. How to Start News Website: Tech and Content Requirements to Keep in Mind.
How to Start News Website: Tech & Content Requirements

Make Excellent Content 

There is rivalry everywhere. Do not assume that you are the only one spreading the word.  Others have been doing the same thing too. So, concentrate mostly on the information you provide. Strong and worthwhile news websites rely on their ability to produce top-notch material. Whether you are publishing text, audio, video, or all of the aforementioned, devote time to developing high-quality content. Extensive reading can teach you a lot about writing effectively. Do not forget to write exciting titles and provide more visuals to make people choose your news website over others.

Promote Your Website 

Start advertising the site after it is launched. Publishing links to your articles on other websites and social media platforms fall under this category. Even while it may need some effort, once you get going, you will start to notice progress. 

Do Not Overlook SEO 

Establishing an effective news website requires excellent search engine optimization (SEO). Without effective SEO, visitors are unlikely to find your website. You may raise your search ranks in a variety of ways.

Stay Current With Technology 

Technology and the Internet publication industry are both evolving. For example, you might want to think about enabling live streaming on your site. Additionally, you can include interactive elements like surveys and quizzes. The involvement of your readers may rise thanks to these methods. By the way, it is also worth mentioning that your news portal must be available through different devices, including mobile ones.

A Few Words in Conclusion

It seems to us that you will not ask the question of how to start a news website ever again. The rate of technological advancement is quite rapid, and daily online news readership is rising dramatically. The majority of the news sectors are moving online because of how easily accessible a realm of Internet-based information is. Remember that you can always turn to news themes WordPress free available through MonsterONE. If you need premium ready-made solutions, we have a surprise for you. It is our promo code “afthemes” that grants 10% OFF on news portal themes on TemplateMonster. Thanks for reading!