August 11, 2022

As we all know the word “Contact Form” is a formal form for all our visitors to contact us or visit us. When talking about the WordPress Website. We need to use “Plugin” to have a contact form on our website. There are 100s of free and premium contact form plugin for WP. each plugin is different in their way. Some of them are pretty easy to use with the outstanding market and some of them are a bit difficult to use. The Blog will help you to know the best and easy way to make contact form in WordPress Website.

Why we need a contact form in WordPress website?

The answer is pretty easy and well known. The word “Contact Form” reflect the answer. But let me make it more clear. Contact form is the best way to communicate with your valuable visitors. It helps our visitors to connect with us directly. The form will help us to increase our traffic, get reviews, Feedback as well as a subscription. Hence, Contact Form plays a vital role on any website.

Which is the Best Contact Form Plugin?

There are several popular plugins for contact form like

Beyond these all plugin. We are going to explain to you the best and easiest one, “Everest Form”. Everest form is the best and easiest plugin with the awesome features. The plugin is easy to use, fully supported along with Gutenberg as well as Elementor Compatible.

Why Everest Forms?

The Everest form is one of the best and easy to use form compare to others. The feature that Everest Form includes are outstanding and can attract any of us.

  • Drag & Drop form Builder
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Multiple Column support
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Short Code
  • Google Recaptcha support
  • Form Templates
  • Translation Ready
  • View Form entries from our dashboard
  • CSV exporter for entries
  • Editable Form Success message
  • Redirect Option After submission
  • Editable Email settings
  • Editable Validation message
  • Smart Tags
  • Multiple Email Notifications

best plugins for WordPress blog

The list of the feature is so long as well as eyecatching. Features of the Everest Form is so good that any website can make Unique and outstanding Contact form in WordPress Website.

Ways to Add contact form in WordPress Website?

The first we need to follow is to add a contact form on the WP website is to log in to our WordPress website. Then need to install the plugin “Everest Forms”.

  • When you open your WordPress Dashboard You will find the plugins in your left.
  • Click to the plugin and Add New and search for “Everest Forms“.
  • Click to Install Now Button on your left
  • It will take few seconds to install.
  • A button will appear as Activate.
  • Click on it.
  • After that, a new menu will appear on your dashboard.

contact form in WordPress website

The form comes with the default form as well. we can use the forms shortcodes on our page, posts, or maybe widget to display. We also can make your contact form by using the drag and drop field.

How to display the form on our page?

We just need to copy and paste the shortcode we have into our page or post when we need to do so. If we already have the page we just need to copy and paste the shortcode and publish it. If we don’t have any page we need to create a new page. After we publish it we will get the outstanding Contact Form on Our Page.

how to add contact form in WordPress

Custom Gutenberg

IF we are using Gutenberg WordPress Editor. We even don’t need to copy and paste the shortcodes. We can follow the steps to get the Contact Form in WordPress website.

  • From Pages click on Add New Button
  • Give the title of the page
  • In the Contact Section click on “+”, select Widget
  • Click it and from the drop-down select from the available forms
  • To publish, save It and publish the page
  • Now our page is ready with form.

how to add contact form in WordPress

Steps to make custom Forms

The Everest form is the best and easy to use form that we can use it easily and create a form. To create our custom form. We just need to follow few simple steps:

  • In the admin dashboard go to the Everest Forms menu
  • Add New
  • A section of a blank form is there.
  • The list of the field is there that can be used
  • Just we need to select and drag the fields and can get our own new Contact form in WordPress Website.

how to add contact form in WordPress

We are free to use all the features of the Everest Form. Using the Awesome features we can build an outstanding contact form in  WordPress website. The Plugin is so easy to use and also flexible. I think you will definitely love it.

Wrapping Up

I hope that you can easily use the “Everest Forms” to add contact form in WordPress website. The content will help you to do so. All the plugins for contact form are good in their own way you can visit them also. But I found the “Everest Forms” the simple and easiest one. For more best plugin for better SEO, you can check out You are free to use the contact form in Free WordPress themes.

Hopefully, the content will be useful for you and lead you to a better choice. you are free to send your suggestion and feedback to us and also queries if any. We will try to answer as soon as we get it. Keep visiting us for more such Ideas.


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