June 24, 2024
CoverNews is a free WordPress theme specially designed for magazine and blog. It was last updated on 2018-08-31 and now its current version is 1.0.5. It gives an elegant look to your blog. So for an online blog, this theme is the perfect one.

CoverNews is a free WordPress theme specially designed for magazines and blogs. It was last updated on 2018-08-31 and now its current version is 1.2.0. It gives an elegant look to your blog. So for an online blog, this theme is the perfect one. Because of its live customizer, you can see a live preview of the changes that occurred on your website.

You can design your site in a way you like and simultaneously change it by seeing its live preview. If your site does not fit on the screen then it looks unattractive and gives an unpleasant look to our site. But if you are using CoverNews then you do not have to face such problems because it is fully responsive. It can easily fit in all sizes of the screen from small to big and give them a beautiful look. This CoverNews is flexible and user-friendly so even a non-professional can use it very easily. You can download the CoverNews theme from here: Download CoverNews

Why choose CoverNews?

If you are thinking why should you choose CoverNews for your website? It is all due to its elegant features which give you a beautiful website. With the use of this WordPress theme, you can create a different beautiful website for a fashion magazine, personal blog, travel blogging, vibrant news, magazine, and many more. CoverNews is very helpful for your online business by integrating it with an easy and attractive blog as it is very compatible with WooCommerce plugins. We all know the importance of SEO for our sites and blogs. It should be in increasing order to increase the traffic of your site. CoverNews provides you with different demos, you can use any of these for your website and give it an elegant look. You can see the demos of the site from this link: View Demos. So this magazine theme is the best option for ranking your website at the top of the search engine. Besides this, all CoverNews have more awesome features that are essential for making any website
elegant and attractive. Some of them are listed below:

  • Preloader option
  • Logo and title customization
  • One-click demo import
  • Features posts on Banner Section
  • Three color options for categories
  • Image option for banner advertisement
  • More than seven custom widgets
  • Responsive layout
  • SEO optimized

The team of CoverNews is updating the theme from time to time for additional features and to fix bugs. They are also helping their user if the are facing any type of problem related to them which is very helpful for you. You can get three choices for creating your website using this theme as the theme provides you with three elegant demos. If you see the downloading graph of this theme, it is increasing
day by day. It has 10,000+ active installs and about 104,934 downloads. CoverNews has got 5 out of 5 stars.

Now let us elaborate on some of its main features in detail.

Live WordPress Customizer

In this CoverNews theme, you can make changes in the color scheme, menus, widgets, background image, and site’s identity soon and see its live preview. With the help of these features, we can maintain the changes which are suitable for our website. If we can see what is happening on our site and how it looks before it is online then we can make the perfect site for our blog and magazine. It will look elegant when it is online as we have already seen its live preview. So this is one of the best options for a theme that any website requires for its perfect live appearance.

Responsive Design

CoverNews is developed with a responsive design. Websites created with this theme can easily detect any size of the visitor’s screen. The page layout will automatically change according to the screen from which the visitor is visiting your site. It is another awesome feature of this WordPress theme that makes your website different from others and gives an elegant appearance. Magazine style design If you are thinking of developing a website for your magazine and newspaper then CoverNews is the best choice for you. CoverNews theme is specially created for such magazine websites. This theme allows the user to handle a huge amount of posts on a single page and provide an attractive look to your magazine website. In any magazine website, we all need a perfect blog, an elegant look, and an attractive design. This is all you can get in this CoverNews magazine theme.

Added Custom widgets

It contains more than seven custom widgets for making an awesome magazine website. Some of the available widgets are; the post image slider widget, post carousel widget, post grid widget, post double column double categories widget, post tabbed widget, Footer section widget, and so on. All these widgets have their respective task for making a good-looking website and increasing the traffic of your site. Its role is to match the content and media for your site, especially on sidebars, header, and footer. So make a managed and attractive website with this awesome option of CoverNews theme.

Social Media Friendly

Social media is one of the best media for increasing the traffic of your website. This theme is highly integrated with the platform of all social media. You can share your news and blog easily and in an attractive way which is very useful in the increment of the SEO. Social icons and other social features available in this theme are a plus point for your website. Similarly, it has integration with almost all the social media plugins.

Perfect documentation

In case you are new in the field and do not have any idea how to download, install, or use this theme for developing a website for your news magazine. In such a situation, you don’t have to worry about it because the theme is available with proper documentation which will provide your proper guidelines. Here you can get various tutorials and examples. Its documentation is available here.  CoverNews Documentation

SEO Friendly

The search engine is the most important part of any blog or website. This means increasing the traffic to your website. This theme is developed by professionals with the use of proper code and gives it an elegant look. Due to this, it is liked by both search engines and the user which results in the increment of SEO. With the best WordPress hosting service, this theme has a nice loading speed and is also good in terms of SEO.

Best Support

While using this you may face some problems, in that case, you can fully support from its dedicated support centers. Problems regarding installation, use, or anything else, you will get a proper friendly, and helpful environment from the support center.

Premium Version

CoverNews is also available in its premium version. If you want some more additional features for your website and want to make it advanced you can use its premium version. In case you are using CoverNews, you can upgrade it to its premium version named CoverNews Pro. You can upgrade to its premium version from this link: Upgrade to CoverNews Pro

Besides this, CoverNews Pro has some more features which are listed below:

  • East to setup
  • Translation ready
  • Advanced colors and typography options
  • Simple and highly intuitive Design
  • Multiple Header Options
  • Multiple Frontpage Banner Options
  • Multiple Archive Layouts
  • Header Section Advertisements Widget Area
  • Posts Section Advertisements Widget Area
  • Advanced Custom Widgets Controls
  • Post Single Column Widget
  • Trending Posts Vertical Carousel Widget
  • YouTube Video Slider Widget
  • Instagram Feeds
  • Mailchimp Subscription Supports
  • High-Priority Dedicated Support
  • Regular updates


Hence this free magazine theme CoverNews is one of the best themes for your magazine, blog, or news. You can give an elegant look and an attractive design to your website. Because of its multiple and advanced features, you can get success in developing a website of your choice that is not only attractive but also SEO friendly. With the increment of SEO, your site traffic will also increase.

For the popularity of any website, you require is; an elegant design, fully responsive, advanced topography, SEO friendly, perfect documentation, proper color, image setup, and so on. This is all you can get within this single theme, which is none other than the one and only CoverNews theme. In case you need some advanced features you do not have to go in search of another theme. You can get it all from its premium version. You can either download its pro version or even upgrade to its pro version in case you are already using its free version.

So if you are thinking of developing a website for your magazine and news then hurry up and download this elegant CoverNews theme. Make the website of your choice today with the use of this theme and have great SEO results. This theme will be very helpful for your business and you will always get a better result. So without any doubt, use the CoverNews theme and get the best magazine and news website.

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