April 17, 2024
Using a live chat service on your website is a simple approach to enhance your business growth in 2022, as more than 80% of customers choose live chat over other support channels.

Do you want to improve your client experience by using the finest WordPress live chat plugin?

Businesses expand when they find dependable ways to provide an outstanding customer experience while gaining more quality leads, conversions, and sales.

Nothing beats obtaining immediate assistance when purchasing anything or requiring assistance. That’s where a live chat comes in.

Using a live chat service on your website is a simple approach to enhance your business growth in 2022, as more than 80% of customers choose live chat over other support channels.

Among all other WordPress live chat solutions, 3CX Live Chat stands out as a quick and easy way to change your customer communication system.

3CX Live Chat is more than just a chat; with the click of a button, you can turn a live chat conversation into a live audio or video call. Paired with 3CX StartUP, the live chat plugin empowers endless multi-channel customer communication in an all-in-one communications hub.  

It is convenient, as consumers do not have to repeat their problems to several operators – better customer service, more efficient – no need to look for numbers, it is simply easier to contact to discuss certain more tough issues, and so on.

Benefits of 3CX Live Chat 

Since it offers more than a simple chat, 3CX Live Chat plugin also delivers more advanced communication and collaboration benefits:

  • Increased sales: connect with website visitors & potential leads in real-time as they browse your website.
  • Quicker resolution: switch from chat to call at any point to resolve issues faster via voice.
  • Free calls: invite web visitors to contact you via ‘3CX Talk’ links. No dialing of numbers
  • Increased collaboration: forward chats & discuss customer issues with your team.
  • Never leave a chat unanswered: assign chats to groups, including queue-based group handling of chats.
  • Meet over video: connect with visitors over video call or set up video conferences for company-wide meetings.
  • Work remotely: respond to live chats on the go with included iOS & Android apps.
  • One system for all: answer calls, live chats, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook messages all from the same interface.
  • Know who’s chatting: identify existing customers and bring up their contact records all from the same interface thanks to CRM integration.
  • Improved productivity: extensive chat and call reports to evaluate agent performance.
  • The free edition is free forever. No per user per month licensing, hidden costs, or ads.

The installation process of 3CX Live Chat:

There are a few actions you must take before installing the plugin to your WordPress Dashboard in order to create 3CX Live Chat.

  • The user must register for a free 3CX StartUP account by clicking the link. (Administrators can sign up using their Gmail accounts)
  • Fill out all of the essential information to complete your account and agree to the license agreement.

After creating the host, you can now successfully connect to 3CX Live Chat. The following are the next steps:

  • Choose the user role of the live chat 
  • Setup a telephone number (SIP Trunk) if you do need it
  • Select the option to enable live chat on your website and input the ideal URL of your WordPress site to obtain the 3CX Talk URL.

After completing the preceding stages, you must now execute the following tasks on your WordPress dashboard:

  • Install the plugin to your WordPress Site from the link
  • After activating the plugin, the user can add the 3CX Talk URL and enable it on the pages you wish. 

You can also follow a quick Youtube video tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

3CX Web Client

3CX Web Client is built to store data off WP, ensuring optimal website speed, and serving as an all-in-one communications center for all the numerous channels a business utilizes for client interactions to eliminate confusion (thanks to FB, WhatsApp, and business SMS integrations). This is also the place where you would be able to configure your settings directly from the ‘Office Settings’ tab found in the bottom left corner. 

To configure your 3CX Web Client: 

  1. Open your welcome email (Subject: Your User Account on your New 3CX System)
  2. Click on the URL. The login URL should look like this approximately
    https://pbx002.3cx.cloud/webclient/. For your Android and iOS apps, you can scan the provided QR code to configure them automatically. 
  3. Log in with your Google account. The same account you used to sign up with 3CX.
  4. Now click on the “Office Settings” button on the left-hand side.

Additionally, for the step-by-step guide to the process please visit the 3CX official documentation page.

Customizing 3CX Live Chat 

The free version of 3CX Live Chat even lets the user customize the live chat bubble directly from the Web Client. 

Changes made take effect immediately so updating your preferences at a later date is quick and easy. 

Users are allowed to change the Theme Color of the Chat Bubble shown on the site with the option of allowing them to chat, call, or Video call. 

The user could be added and their position could be defined here. Office hours, Call Routing, and Call Handling could also be set here. 

All options are present in the Office Setting.

  1. User:
    As an admin, you can add users and assign them specific roles and permissions.

If you make another user a manager, he/she can have the same level of permission as you. If you don’t assign this role, the users can only manage their own account and they will not see the “Office settings” tab.

Furthermore, they can only see their own calls, not anybody else’s.

With the manager title, on the other hand, you can see all the calls! If you want a user to see and manage calls and live chat for everybody, but not configure the system, make them a receptionist.

  1. Voice & Call:  
    You can choose whether you want to enable the call option for your live chat directly from here. You have the option to enable Chat Only, Chat and Audio Calls, or open full permission for Chat, Audio, and Video Call for better customer support. This means that the customers will be able to reach the agents directly from the chat box and elevate their conversation into a call, even without initiating the conversation first. 
  2. Office Hours:
    Most likely, you don’t want calls to ring on your smartphone during the early hours. God bless the office hours feature then.

    You may set up your business hours, and your vacation schedule, and forward your calls to another user or a group of users when you aren’t around to take them.
  3. Call Routing:
    The user could add or record the greeting for the caller or provide information about something important. These will automatically play as soon as the caller comes through, usually followed by the selection of instructions using keys, i.e. Press 1 for the Accounting department.
  4. Call Handling: Customers may reach your business or team by dialing the designated number or clicking the appropriate 3CX Talk link.

    Following that, 3CX will transfer the call to your ring group. By default, this ring group includes every member of your team, and it will ring each person in turn.

    In this manner, if one cannot respond, another team member can. You can alter this conduct by keeping team members out of the ring group.

To know more about the options you could follow the link.

Other essential chat features are as follows:

  • Create custom offline message forms & store messages offline
  • Access live chat history records
  • View missed live chats
  • Chats are sent and received at lightning-fast speed via 3CX Live Chat Servers
  • Compatible with all caching plugins (live chat window loaded via Ajax)
  • Enable/Disable sound when a new live chat message is received
  • Ban visitors from chatting with you based on IP Address
  • Quick responses (insert a predefined response to your live chat box)
  • Customer satisfaction ratings for each chat session
  • Add your company logo to the live chat window
  • Add your photo to the live chat window
  • Include/exclude the live chat from appearing on certain pages
  • Choose when to accept chats and calls


With the WordPress live chat plugins, you can rapidly resolve customer problems. You’ll be able to communicate with your visitors via live chat after you add the pop-up chatbox to your site. 

After reviewing the 3CX chat services, the primary elements that contribute to it being one of the best CRM plugins for WordPress are as follows:

  • Use the web, iOS, and Android apps to interact – excellent for remote workers and those who work on the go.
  • The simple interface – merges calls, live chat, Facebook, SMS, and WhatsApp. 
  • Integrating CRM – allows you to have all of your client data in one location.
  • Call handling – assign chats to specific agents or have groups of agents answer – ring groups are critical for ensuring that no customer goes ignored.
  • Design is customizable – you can integrate features to complement your overall identity.
  • Completely Free – 3CX StartUP Free is available for free forever; There are no monthly subscription fees.
  • Easy to use – the plugin takes a couple of minutes to install and requires no coding experience.

With 3CX Live Chat, you’ll never miss an update from your customers, converting them into devoted leads. Try it today!