January 27, 2023
Search Engine Visibility

By Default WordPress sites and blogs are SEO friendly. Every Website builder and blog writer wants to get rank in Google. To get ranked we need to allow the search engine to index our blog and website. The Content will make you familiar with the basic privacy setting to Encourage/DisCourage Search Engine Visibility to our website and blog.

It is impossible to know when our blog and website are going to be ranked or when our site is going to be indexed by the search engine.

Sometimes we don’t want to be ranked in Google or Search Engine to index our site. It may occur when we want to remove our blog or site we don’t want to be in Google. To do that we need to discourage Search Engines from indexing your site and blog. To get disappear from google you need to have a patient or can send a request to search engine to delete our site or blog from Google.

 Encourage/ Discourage Search Engine Visibility

The process of “Encourage/Discourage” can be done by following the steps.

  • Open the WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to the Setting on the on the list which is on your left
  • Click on setting
  • List of the options will be displayed
  • Click on Reading

A new page is open on your WordPress Dashboard. Search for “Search Engine Visibility” which is in the last of the page. You will get two options to select or don’t select the box. When you don’t select the box. The box will remain as it is “vacant”. And if you don’t select the box, Google and other search engine are encouraged to index our site or blog.

Search Engine Visibility

When you select the “Search engine Visibility” blue tick appears on the box. The selection of the box discourages the Search engines from indexing our site and blog.

As you have changed the setting you need to click the “Save Changes” button which is in the last of your page to change the by default setting.

Wrapping Up

Content will help you to Encourage/ Discourage SEO Visibility. It is totally your choice to select or not to select the “Search Engine Visibility”. But it will be better for the site which is not developed or on the process of development to discourage the “Search Engine Visibility”.

I hope you will find the content useful and follow the step if you want to do so. You can get more information about the SEO ” Search Engine Optimization” by following the link. You are free to send your feedback, suggestion, and also queries if any. We will try to respond as soon as we get it. THANK YOU!!! HAVE A GOOD DAY!!

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