May 21, 2024
Once the menu is created, you can select the page path were you want to add it, and also you can arrange its order simply by drag and drop. If you are not familiar with menus location, visit the site once and recheck the menus if its location is not perfect. You have to make sure that for what purpose you are using the menus before adding any items.

Menus, also known as Navigation Menus are the type of WordPress theme with which user can create navigation menus by the help of built-in menu editor. This editor lies on appearance in the admin section. This menu is very helpful for users for adding posts, pages and custom links just by simple drag and drop method.

Navigation menus play a very important role in attracting your audience and make them stay for a long time. If you are using strong navigation menus, it will help your user to find their right path. It means a navigation menu is responsible for showing the path with which the user can complete their tasks in time. But if your navigation menus are poor they you might lose your user as they will get the right environment for their work.

WordPress Menus are just like navigational elements which can be used in your website to navigate your user more easily and perform the work more functionally. These menus can be added anywhere on the website where it looks perfect. You can add it at the top page, sidebar, footer or header, or set as the main element.

How to Create Menus in WordPress?

You can create the menus inside the WordPress website with given easy steps:

  • Login to the WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to Appearance
  • Select on Menus
  • Click on “Create a new menu link” at the top of the page.
  • Name the menu and click on Create Menu

Create Menus in WordPress

Once the menu is created, you can select the page path were you want to add it, and also you can arrange its order simply by drag and drop. If you are not familiar with menus location, visit the site once and recheck the menus if its location is not perfect. You have to make sure that for what purpose you are using the menus before adding any items.

Create Menus in WordPress

Every menu shows different functionality. Some menus are for header and footer whether some deals with administrative matters like conditions, privacy policies, account detail, contact page and many more. Hence if you are decided with the menu function, your next step is to add items in your menus such as page, post, category, tags and custom links. Let me give you a brief description of these items:


The link can be added to any of the pages, it is not necessary to add in all of your pages. But you have to care about the menus, means if it is the main menu then the link should be added to the home page.


You can add the menu links to any of the posts of your website.


Similarly, you are allowed to add the links to any categories of your website. It is mainly seen in blog sites.

Custom Links

You are free to add these links to anywhere in the website. These links help the user to download the resource and also help in visiting other sites.

Now let us discuss how to add different items in the menus.

How to add pages to WordPress Menu?

To add pages to your WordPress menu, you can go through these simple steps:

  • Click on the page pane of the menu
  • View all links to see the list of the page you have created
  • Go to checkbox and select the page
  • Click on “Add New” bottom
  • Click on “Save Menu”
  • Once you save the menu, you will notice the page is the item you have added is displayed at the right side of the page.

How to add Post and categories to WordPress Menu?

Once you finished with the page, you can proceed towards posts and categories. You should not bother about it because posts and categories can be added with the same procedure as pages are added. Select the post or categories you want to add and click on add new and finally save it. In this way, you can easily add posts and category to your WordPress menus.

How to add Custom Links to WordPress Menu?

Now last but the not least, you are going to add custom links to your site menu. Follows these simple steps to add custom links to the WordPress menu.

  • Click on custom link panel
  • Go to the URL box and type the link of the page you want for your user
  • Select the name of the link
  • Click on “ Add Menu”
  • Save the menu

Add Menu in WordPress

In this way, you can add the custom links to your WordPress website and finally, we are able to connect the link to the pages.

Hence with the above steps, you are able to add items to your WordPress website. Now let discuss how to arrange these items. While arranging the menus, you have to keep these three points in your mind:

  1. Order of the menu
  2. Whether the items are set as main item or sun items
  3. The text appears in the menus.

With these three conditions, you can easily arrange your menu. Now let us discuss it one by one:

Order of Menu

In order to arrange the order of the items, you have to just drag and drop. Yes, you heard right first choose the order and then move the menu items with dragging and dropping.

Create Menu in WordPress

Submenu Items

The benefits of creating submenus items are; first, the width of the menus will be decreased and secondly user feel easy to visit you are and navigate your menu. So with this given simple steps, you can create submenu item:

  • Choose the link of the item which you want to make the submenu

With the left click of the mouse, drag and drop the link to the main item

  • Click on the “Save Menu” button
  • Finally, you successfully add the submenu items

Changing the Menu Text

You can add the text to your WordPress menus with these simple steps:

  • Select the item to add the text
  • On the right hand of the title box, click on expand arrow
  • Type the text in the navigation label box
  • Click on “Save menu”

Adding the menu to WordPress Website

Every menu reflects unique function and every single theme has a different menu. Here we discuss the steps to add the menu in your sites. Let’s have a look once:

  • Go to the menu setting
  • Click on theme location
  • Choose the location to add the menus from the checkbox
  • Click on “Save menu” bottom

Final Thoughts

Finally, we did with the overall procedure and steps with which you can create a menu for your website and also can add items. I hope the article will be helpful for you and you can easily proceed for this process. You can send your queries and review in our comment section. We heartily all of those and try to answer all the queries and problems as soon as possible. Keep visiting our site for more interesting and useful articles.

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