Mon. Dec 2nd, 2019

WordPress Tutorials

If you fix the broken links manually, you have to check each and every link one by one which is quite a difficult and lengthy procedure. Because it is impossible to check such large links separately. It will waste your time. So it is better to use some third party plugin which is specially designed for fixing broken links.... Read More
Speed of the website plays a vital role in interacting your audience and make them stay for a long time. But sadly you can lose your user if its running show and loading time is too long. To make the top rank of your site at a search engine, you must increase your traffic. And it only happens if user gets it fruitful.... Read More
Once the menu is created, you can select the page path were you want to add it, and also you can arrange its order simply by drag and drop. If you are not familiar with menus location, visit the site once and recheck the menus if its location is not perfect. You have to make sure that for what purpose you are using the menus before adding any items.... Read More
When you want to publish the post in a specific time or date, in such case, you can schedule the post in WordPress. For instance, if your readers are from another country and you need to match the time for the post published, at that time you can use this WordPress feature. Furthermore, when you want to go for a long vacation but want to make your website keep updated, you can write the required post and published them on the specific schedule.... Read More
In the case of WordPress, you have the option to change the login password. Being administrators or users, your website will always concern about the secured password. It is always recommended that the password should be strong. Lots of people use a simple password so that hackers might easily identify it. Hence, don't use a simple password and if you have doubt about your password security, we are going to share you about how to change the password on your WordPress website.... Read More
WordPress has a default post type called Post. To maintain the post in WordPress, there is an option to add categories. The category is the best method to organize WordPress posts. Categories and Tags are two pre-defined taxonomies in WordPress. Not only categories, but tags are also useful to maintain the posts. ... Read More
Every time while posting a post in WordPress, it will automatically publish it based on the default format. With the help of available setting on the dashboard, you can easily change the format of date and time. Here are some basic steps that you need to follow to change the date and time format in WordPress.... Read More
Are you a blogger? Do you want to remove the date from WordPress post and make your post always new and fresh? Lots of bloggers and site owners don't want to show the date published date and want to hide it. Well, in this blog post we are going to share you about how to remove the date from WordPress post.... Read More
Excerpt in WordPress refers to the summary of the post. Excerpt replaces the full content in RSS feed and we can easily manage it from the reading section of settings. Depending on the themes, an excerpt can display where the quick summary is preferred rather than full content. ... Read More
WordPress theme is a skeleton of WordPress website which gives the overall layout of the webpage. In addition to it, it helps to change the design and functionality of the website too. Furthermore, the theme takes the content and display it in an awesome manner and looks.... Read More
Whenever you want to make your post fresh, you can change the post published date in WordPress post. Likewise, you can also change the date on the page. WordPress has the functionality to change the post published date and it is very easy to do that. In this blog post, we are going to share you about how to change the post published date in posts and pages.... Read More
You mostly hear that sites of larger organization are hacked. But it does not mean that the smaller organizations are safe. Due to their less popularity, their news is hidden or out of our contact. The fact is that all sizes of sites are getting hacked by several hacker days by day. So strictly be serious about the security of your sites. ... Read More
News websites are online medium to transfer news to the people. In today’s century, many people are recommending news website than in the newspaper. So a news website also can be your medium to earn money. ... Read More

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