Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

WordPress Tutorials

How to enable excerpt field in WordPress Post and Page?

Excerpt in WordPress refers to the summary of the post. Excerpt replaces the full content in RSS feed and we can easily manage it from the reading section of settings. Depending on the themes, an excerpt can display where the quick summary is preferred rather than full content.

How to Install WordPress themes – Beginners Guide

WordPress theme is a skeleton of WordPress website which gives the overall layout of the webpage. In addition to it, it helps to change the design and functionality of the website too. Furthermore, the theme takes the content and display it in an awesome manner and looks.

How to change page and post published date in WordPress?

Whenever you want to make your post fresh, you can change the post published date in WordPress post. Likewise, you can also change the date on the page. WordPress has the functionality to change the post published date and it is very easy to do that. In this blog post, we are going to share you about how to change the post published date in posts and pages.

The Ultimate Security Guide for your WordPress Site in 2019

You mostly hear that sites of larger organization are hacked. But it does not mean that the smaller organizations are safe. Due to their less popularity, their news is hidden or out of our contact. The fact is that all sizes of sites are getting hacked by several hacker days by day. So strictly be serious about the security of your sites.

Best and Easy Method for Adding Google AdSense to Your WordPress Site

Google AdSense is a monetization network owned and operated by Google. This program provides a platform for website holder and bloggers to generate income by showing automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements on their websites.