April 18, 2024
Speed of the website plays a vital role in interacting your audience and make them stay for a long time. But sadly you can lose your user if its running show and loading time is too long. To make the top rank of your site at a search engine, you must increase your traffic. And it only happens if user gets it fruitful.

We all want to maintain the speed up our website. If its running time is slow, no one will visit your site, isn’t it? About 40% of people ditch the site if it takes more than 3-4 seconds to load. So it is essential to speed up your site speed.

If you are going through bad times due to your website loading speed, then not to worry anymore. Here we came with your solution today. Today we are going to provide you proper guidance to boost the speed of your WordPress Website.

Why it is important?

Nowadays boosting your site is very important. Speed of the website plays a vital role in interacting your audience and make them stay for a long time. But sadly you can lose your user if its running show and loading time is too long. To make the top rank of your site at a search engine, you must increase your traffic. And it only happens if user gets it fruitful.

If you have fast website fast then you can maintain your competition with others, which is a great way to get success via website.

How to boost speed?

If you want to make your website runs fast then follow these factor which will help you out through this problem.

1. Reliable Hosting Plan

Choosing a hosting server play in an important decision for your website. It has a huge impact on your website speed. Sometime you might be rapped by the cheap hosting which has la ow standard. Such hosting will cost less, but it may leave you with a bad situation And as a result, your side will slow down, and you may lose your audience.

10 Best WordPress Hosting for 2019

So while selecting a hosting plan, you must be choosy and choose the best one like WP Engine or WordPress hosting, which will increase your site loading speed and increase your traffic.

2. Choosing a perfect Theme

fastest wordpress themes

There are several themes available in the WordPress directories both of free and premium version. Some are simple and easy to use, and some are of heavyweight having disoriented codes. It is the necessary developer has so much experience about these all, he or she may be aa beginner So you should recommend a theme with simple code and lightweight. It will help you to run your site at high speed.

3. Optimizing Images

make website faster

Another factor affecting your site is images present on it. You all know that pictures speak more than a word. Having a vision makes your site more attractive and eye-catching. But sometimes loading large photos can slow down your website So before uploading it, make sure all your images are compressed. It will speed up your loading speed. To do so, you can refer tools like WP Smush it, Tiny PNG, etc.

4. Use of Caching Plugin

make website faster

Building a website with static images, CSS, JavaScript may create difficulties in its speed. In such a case, you must choose a caching plugin. It will save some parts of your site and allow its users to download them when they visit the site. You should refer the plugin like W3 Total Cache, which will impress your audience and also play an essential role for maintaining your site speed.

5. Clean WordPress Database

Optimize WordPress Database

At starting, you can easily maintain your WordPress site. As time passes, your site started to get a huge audience. Many audiences means, several good images, plugin, them, comments, and many more. You might get difficulties to solve it, and as a result, your site may slow down. So to get rid of this, you should clean your WordPress database. And for this, you can use WP-Optimization which will remove useless data from your WordPress database.

Best Plugin to speed up your WordPress site


Free contact form plugin

It is one of the most friendly contact form plugins for a beginner for your WordPress website.


It is the best option for adding a slider to your site. This is a lighweight and easy plugin.

Modula Gallery

Best WordPress Plugins

It is the fastest photo gallery plugin which will boost your site speed.

Shared Counts

It is a social media plugin which provides the fastest speed to your site.

How to test your site speed online?

Besides above all technique, there is some method to test the speed of your site online. Let’s go through it one by one:

1. Page Speed Online

It is an open source Firefox add-on which helps to evaluate the performance of your web page. It also provides you suggestion which will increase your site performance.

2. Pingdom Tools

website testing tools

It is the perfect tool for monitoring your site all the time. About 90% of the companies using this tool for their website. It will also monitor the performance and speed of your site. Check your site with Pingdom now.

3. Free website Performance Test

It is a free tool to check your site speed. You can use this from anywhere in the world you want.

4. Which loads faster?

It is specially created for checking the importance of web performance. It is the simplest way among all factor.

5. WebPagetest

It is an open source project that is supported by Google to make your web faster. It is licensed under a BSD.

6. Web Page Analyzer

It is an essential aspect for your web optimization, including front-end speed optimization, back end optimization, SQL query optimization, refactoring, and many others.

Besides these all, there are some more online tools to speed up your site. They are listed below:

  • Show Slow
  • Site-Perf
  • Load Impact
  • OctaGate SiteTimer
  • YSlow
  • Google Webmaster
  • Web Site Performance
  • WebSlug
  • WebWait
  • Website Speed Test
  • GTmetrix
  • Website Speed Test


Hence this all about boosts your website speed. You can easily maintain your site speed and make its performance better. I assume this article will be beneficial for you and you can easily maintain its speed. This article provides you a huge idea regarding your site speed.

In case of any problems, you can leave your queries to our comment box. You will return with your solution as soon as possible. Keep visiting our site for more article, which will be helpful for your WordPress website.

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