March 5, 2024
Best Free WordPress Travel Plugins
As we are in the age of the internet, the best way to expand the tourism business is through the internet. Websites are the best to serves this purpose. For the development of websites, WordPress is the first name that arises in our mind. For the ease of creating a wonderful travel website, WordPress travel plugins come in use.

Travelling is becoming a trending amusement activity for people. Travel and tourism have become a major source of income for many countries. And to meet the demand the tourism industry is expanding rapidly. And a recognizing mass is attracted to the tourism industry. From a traveler to service providers, all fall under this umbrella.

As we are in the age of the internet, the best way to expand the tourism business is through the internet. Websites are the best to serves this purpose. For the development of websites, WordPress is the first name that arises in our mind. For the ease of creating a wonderful travel website, WordPress travel plugins come in use.

Either we are in thought of designing a travel Website, tourism website, travel blogs, hotel sites or anything related to travel and tourism business or travel interest, we need to use WordPress travel plugins.

Either we are hotelier or traveler or travel researcher we always need to consult or create a good website to support us. Here we are going to discuss the best free WordPress travel plugin. The plugins will help to form websites for booking, payments, information, currency exchange, and many more features. There are different premium and free plugins that can further be upgraded to premium.

Doing brief research and study I have listed the top 5 trusted and popular plugin in the market. Without wasting time let us go through brief information.

List of Best Free WordPress Travel Plugins for 2022

WP Travel

WP Travel

Going through different plugins and their features WP Travel topped the list of best free WordPress due to its limitless opportunities. WP travel is an absolute remedy for tours and travels associated websites. Enough features offered by WP Travel are the simple, easily customizable and great user interface.

WP travel has great SEO and we can design our customized journey, tour packages, and booking system in no time. It has made designing travel website very easy and fast. We can adjoin our special and required features and get ready for our business. Equipped with many add-ons WP Travel enhances the power of WordPress travel. It is offered as both free and premium versions.


  • Attractive and easy to use user dashboard
  • Map setting
  • Tour filters based on price, location, packages, etc
  • Free support and regular updates
  • Tax option
  • The setting for creating unlimited packages
  • Coupons options
  • Free support regular updates
  • Rating and Reviews options for the user

WP Travel Engine

WordPress Travel Booking Plugin – WP Travel Engine

Another name that comes in my mind for the best WordPress travel plugin is WP Travel Engine. It provides excellent features and services in travel website designing. Great workability, awesome features, and regular updates made this plugin powerful.

We can create the tour and travels pages with the help of numerous settings provided by it.  User-friendly, easily customizable and easy to operate are its eye-catching features. There are many free and premium themes operatable with this plugin. This plugin adds the advantage of shifting an existing website to a travel website with ease. We can download, add the packages and integrate payment gateway and start our site.


  • Trip type page
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Easy documentation and users manual
  • The smart travel booking process
  • Unlimited trip facts
  • Booking email notification
  • Shortcodes available
  • Free and premium themes compatibility
  • Dedicated support via forum and email


Complete Travel & Tour Booking System – Yatra

Travelling has another word yatra or can be said journey. It is a full free WordPress travel plugin. However, Yatra has fantastic features challenging the premium plugins. It very easy to use, optimized, fast, easily modifiable and clean design WordPress plugin.

Though it is free, we can use it for a lifetime. Being a GPL compatible plugin, Yatra provides limitless options for planning a single tour or packages. If we require any possible special feature, we can consult to authors and add them to our page.


  • Custom Attributes
  • Frontend tab design
  • Multiple pricing options
  • Regular updates
  • Unlimited tour option
  • Activity option
  • Destination option
  • Dedicated free support
  • FAQ options

Travel Payouts

Travelpayouts: Flights & Hotels Travel Search

Trave payouts are one of the best WordPress travel plugins available. It specializes in creating booking and payings websites. It offers several widgets, tables, forms, etc and many more required for a booking web page and is easy to install. Furthermore, it makes our site easy to operate and bring decent traffic to our site. Travelpayouts offer steady services and are a good solution for travel bloggers, travel agencies and travel-related websites.

It offers 11 different tables and widgets serving website visitors to find the best offers.  It helps to monetize our traffic flow.


  • Search forms
  • Low-cost flight and hotel Map
  • Low prices Calendar
  • Hotel Widget
  • Regular update
  • Popular flight destination
  • Professional support
  • Customizable tables

Travel Map

Travel Map

A travel adventure map is the most important thing to consider. We surely don’t want to be stuck or lost in our entertaining journey. Travel Map offers to develop, trace and manage our travel itinerary from our WordPress admin. Moreover, this is a free plugin and it helps to show the full map of the journey. You will get dedicated support with this plugin.

In addition to that, the Travel Map plugin is specially developed to show the location of travel destinations. It will show the best route and way details as well.


  • Color option to draw a map
  • One-click geolocation
  • Embed map
  • Multiple maps
  • Link photos and articles
  • Trace line for roads
  • Custom theme map
  • Live GPS tracking


Above listed travel plugins are the best available in the present time. These will help with our personal as well as personal travel requirements. We can use any one of them as per our requirement. All the above-listed plugins are compatible with all the free WordPress themes as well.

A tour is an emerging business we can take full advantage of these plugins and make money. I hope this blog will help you and broadens your knowledge. Please keep visiting for these kinds of interesting information.

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