April 17, 2024
Using a live chat service on your website is a simple way to boost your business growth in 2022 since more than 80% of customers choose live chat over other support channels.

Do you know which free WordPress live chat plugin will work best for your website? If you said yes, you’re in for a surprise.

Engaging your visitors and consumers is important to the growth of your website. If you run a business website, you should not skimp on customer service.

To take it a step further, we performed the testing and comparison for you.

However, deciding on the best free WordPress live chat plugin for your website might be difficult.

We show you seven of the best plugins to easily and quickly connect with your WordPress visitors.

What Are the Advantages of WordPress Live Chat Plugins?

  • Real-time Problem Solving: Communicate with website visitors and potential leads in real-time while they visit your website.
  • The free edition includes: Most of the free live chat WordPress plugins are easy to tweak so that they match your branding.

Did you know that approximately 40% of customers are more likely to purchase from businesses that have live chat support systems?

Using a live chat service on your website is a simple way to boost your business growth in 2022 since more than 80% of customers choose live chat over other support channels.

You can quickly resolve the problem with the WordPress live chat plugins. When you add live chats and chatbots to your site, you’ll be able to communicate with your visitors directly from your site.

You’ll never miss an update from them this way, converting them into loyal leads.

It is pretty simple. 

As a result, we’ll showcase the best free WordPress chat plugins to assist you in creating a visually appealing and completely working live chat service.

The Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugins for User Support

  • 3CX Free Live Chat: The Most Effective Free Live Chat
  • Hubspot Live Chat: Best Free CRM Software for Businesses
  • Tidio:  The best all-in-one live chat software.
  • Tawk: Best live chat software for free
  • Crisp: Live Chat and Chatbot
  • LiveChat: The best live chat platform for lead generation and sales
  • Zendesk: Best live chat with outbound messaging

3CX Free Live Chat: The Most Effective Free Live Chat

3CX Live Chat is more than just a chat; it can be converted into a live audio or video call with the touch of a button.

It is faster, and consumers do not have to repeat their problems to several operators – better customer service, more efficiency – no need to hunt for numbers, it is simply easier to contact to discuss certain more difficult issues, and so on.

With 3CX Web Client, all users can access live chats, call history, FB, business, and WhatsApp messages through one single interface. Accessible from the web, desktop, Android, and iOS applications, the agents can take calls and answer chats from virtually anywhere with an internet connection.  Best part? This simple and slick communications hub is available for as little as $0 p.a.

Features of 3CX Live Chat Plugin:

  • Convert from a chat to a voice or video call in just one click
  • Use the web, iOS, and Android apps
  • Access Facebook, WhatsApp, and business SMS all from one single interface
  • Access all of your client data with a centralized CRM
  • Customizable design 
  • Call and chat reporting are available
  • It is available for free in perpetuity
  • Assign chats to a particular agent, or have groups of agents answering
  • Set up and installation takes up less than a minute

HubSpot – CRM, Email Marketing, Live Chat, Forms & Analytics

HubSpot is more than simply a live chat plugin. It is a platform that includes all of the tools and integrations required for marketing, sales, and customer service.

HubSpot’s all-in-one WordPress plugin allows you to manage contacts (CRM), engage visitors with live chat and chatbots, add attractive forms to pages, create engaging email marketing campaigns, and do a lot more.

Features of HubSpot Plugin:

  • CRM and contact management integrated into WordPress
  • Chatbots and live chats
  • Analytics on websites, including departure intent
  • Re-engaging clients using forms and pop-ups
  • Automation of marketing

Tidio – Live Chat, Chatbots & Email Integration

Tidio is a fantastic tool for improving your customer service. It fits seamlessly into any website and looks fantastic on mobile and desktop.

It offers live chat and chatbots, as well as Messenger, Instagram, and email integration, allowing you to manage all of your channels from a single dashboard.

Features of Tidio Plugin:

  • Chatbot with pre-programmed templates
  • Desktop & Mobile Compatibility
  • Visitors and discussions are unlimited.
  • More integrations are supported.
  • Rapid replies

Tawk.To Live Chat

Tawk is a fully free plugin that includes a surprising chat function. You can add live messaging to your website with any functionality you like.

Even if you are not a developer or designer, you will do the task with grace and professionalism. Tawk’s straightforward setup eliminates the requirement for prior knowledge.

Furthermore, the incredible security will exceed your expectations in terms of ease of use.

Features of Tawk Plugin:

  • Notifications through email and desktop
  • Using the widget to transfer files
  • Conversations and chat history are unlimited
  • Filtering messages and previews
  • Messaging in groups

Crisp – Live Chat and Chatbot

Crisp Live Chat is a free and visually appealing online chat. This is the free Live Chat plugin for WordPress to use if you want to grow your email list, generate leads, and improve your customer relationships all within the same software.

The free plugin includes live chat, real-time notifications, a chatbot, desktop, and mobile apps, and an availability calendar.

All of these features are available right now, with no programming help needed.

Features of Crisp Plugin:

  • Improved User Profiles
  • Integration with Slack, Messenger, and Telegram
  • Notification in Real-Time Using an Integrated Chatbot
  • Widget personalization
  • Add Plugins with Flexibility

LiveChat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress

LiveChat is a strong website chat plugin for WordPress. It is modular and uses the plugin-within-plugin technique.

There is also a separate panel for its own extensions. Because it may be linked with other company-powered apps to provide new features, LiveChat is suitable for large organizations.

Several have their own panels and are priced separately.

Features of LiveChat Plugin:

  • Chat widget personalization
  • Directly engage consumers
  • HIPAA-compliant security protocols
  • Previous talks’ whole history
  • Total command of all discussions

Zendesk: Best live chat with outbound messaging

Zendesk is an all-in-one support software solution for any size organization.

Zendesk makes it simple to create customized communications for your audience. You may make as many as you like while maintaining a professional workflow.

Beginning discussions with user-specific content can keep consumers interested and happy right away.

Please keep in mind that we only recommend Zendesk if you want more than just chat support. But if you do, then sure, this program is exceptional, with all of the features you receive for a reasonable price.

Features of Zendesk Plugin:

  • Message customizations
  • Automatization
  • Integration of SMS and WhatsApp
  • Support for multimedia
  • Triggers for reporting


All of the live chat WordPress plugins listed above have been extensively tested and proven solutions for any website, niche, or business.

All of them have their own unique traits and benefits. So you may select one of them.

WordPress live chat plugins will function regardless of the size or type of business you run if you select the best solution for your organization from the list of free WordPress live chat plugins above.

While each tool has its unique set of features, we recommend 3CX Live Chat since it offers a forever-free solution that encompasses all business communication needs.