September 29, 2023

Are you new in WordPress? You don’t know how to add a new post in WordPress? Don’t worry, today in this blog post, we are going to share you with the detailed instructions about creating a post in WordPress by utilizing all its features.

In the recent updates, i.e 5.0.0 of WordPress introduced a new editor named, Gutenberg replacing Classic Editor. However, you can still use Classic Editor in the version 5.0.0 or later but you need to install a plugin Classic Editor. Instead of using the plugin, let’s learn how to use Gutenberg and how to add a new post in WordPress. No doubt, it is easy.

Well, this tutorial, we will guide you about how to play with Gutenberg editor. At first, install WordPress version 5.0.0 or later or update your existing WordPress to the new version. If it is already the latest one, let’s go ahead.

Not to mention, sometimes experts are also confused about the complete dashboard options and its usage. In this guide, we will mostly target for the beginners whereas, savvy can also get great ideas and lesson.

If you don’t like the Gutenberg editor, we will share you about how we can create an amazing post using the classic editor as well. So, stick here and follow this post completely. We have video tutorials as well, you will love it for sure.

Ready, Let’s get started.

Add a New Post in WordPress via Gutenberg Editor

We already stated that WordPress introduced a new block-based editor named Gutenberg. Most of the users prefer previous editor rather than Gutenberg. However, it is very easy to use.  They are fed up with the layout probably because they are new in this one. Honestly, it was quite hard for us to switch on this editor. Nevertheless, we are using Gutenberg and we are loving it.

In this reading, we will definitely make a pro user of Gutenberg. Read and try once and thank us later.

Despite various bad reviews on the plugin of Gutenberg, it has so many things to cheer up. It is powerful because of its flexibility, features, and design. Today, we will unlock all those features.

Adding a Title and Content

At first, go to the admin panel of the dashboard. Next, go to Posts and click on Add New. After that, you will see the section like the below image.

Add a New Post in WordPress

At the top, you need to write the title of the post and below it, you can write the content of the post. You can either add the block on the section of content or can write content directly.

All the content sections are managed on blocks. For adding blocks on the content section, just click on the + sign on the Left side and you will get the options to add required blocks.

The new editor comes with some very useful blocks like paragraph, columns, images, gallery, embeds, shortcodes, widgets, and more. You can get some more blocks added by the plugins like SEO or Contact Form.

Add a New Post in WordPress

How to add Heading on Content?

There is a block name Heading and you can simply add heading using that block. You can add any size of heading(H1 to H6) using it. You can simply duplicate, move up or down, add links or remove that block as well. We will show you details in the video as well.

Add a New Post in WordPress

Similar to the above heading blocks, you can add other blocks as well. You can add widgets, embedded, image block and so many things. check yourself once.

How to add Video using Custom Blocks in Gutenberg?

Similar to the above adding block, we can add the video block as well. Firstly, you need to know where is the video block located. See the below GIF image first.

Add a New Post in WordPress

For embedding a video on Gutenberg, you can directly add the video file or can Embeds using Youtube. Select the Youtube from the Embeds section and add the youtube video URL directly to embed it. It is very simple. Moreover, you can embed slides of SlideShare, sound clouds audio etc.

Likewise, you can add the block in Gutenberg. Moreover, you have the option to change the layout, alignment and column layout as well in this editor. This newly introduced default editor is really mesmerizing.

Now, after the custom block, let’s see some more things on the dashboard. We think you are worried about where is an excerpt, where is featured image option, how to edit the post date etc. Well, we will show you everything.

All these things are now moved on the right-hand side. Check them there.

Set Featured Image

It is on the right-hand side and just above the excerpt field. Featured image is the primary image on WordPress post. It will add the additional value on your blog post. Almost all the WordPress themes support this functionality and indeed Afthemes have this functionality too. It is under the Document section of the Dashboard.

Add a New Post in WordPress

Adding Categories and Tags

Every section is managed in such a way that users can use them properly. Above the featured image section, you can easily see the Tags and Categories section. You can add the relevant categories and tags there.

You can manage categories from Posts > Categories of admin panel as well.

Add a New Post in WordPress

Similar to this, you can add tags on your posts. Adding tag is similar to the adding categories.

How to customize permalinks on the post?

Customizing permalinks is very necessary. Permalinks help to make yours on page SEO good. Customizing a WordPress permalink is easy. You can set the default permalinks from Settings > Permalink. Additionally, each post has the option to customize the permalink. You can do it from the permalink section, which is just above the featured image section.

Save Post in Draft, Preview and Publish

With the given button on the top right section of the dashboard, you can save the post as a draft. A draft post can easily be published later. While writing content and you want to see the preview, you can use the preview button. After finishing the content writing you can publish it.

Finally, you are able to use the custom blocks of Gutenberg. We believed that now you are familiar with the Gutenberg editor. Indeed, the default WordPress editor is powerful.

We request you to Start a WordPress blog and learn WordPress, functionality, and dashboard. You can manage your website yourself now. There are various free themes which help you to make amazing WordPress websites.

Important Note: Are you still in love with the previous editor? Do you want to go with that classic editor and want to create your post? 

Well, we will guide you with some simple steps about using the classic editor.

Create a New Post using Classic Editor

To switch the new editor to the classic one, you need to install the Classic Editor WordPress plugin.  

After that, your classic editor will be enabled. Now, you can add a new post in WordPress with the below steps.

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard
  • Post and Add New
  • Add the Title of the Post
  • Put the content of the post in the content section.
  • The set featured image from the bottom right corner. You can add an image via the gallery or can upload it from local devices.
  • Add tags and categories.
  • You can either save it on draft or publish the post.

This is how a post is created on WordPress.

 Add a New Post in WordPress

Wrapping Up

Thank you so much for reading this post. Hope, you can now create a blog post even with Gutenberg editor or Classic Editor. Both the editor has pros and corns however Gutenberg is easy to use and fast. You can make multiple layouts of your page without adding extras codes. Isn’t that great?

Please feel free to share this content and do not hesitate to put your vaulable comments below.

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  4. I have just read through your Blog Post on How to add a New Post in WordPress Using the Gutenberg Editor. I have one question , how do you know where the New Post will appear on your website ? And If you go to your site and find that the New Post did not appear where you would like , how do make it appear where you want it ? i am currently working on pickleballhop and using gutenberg.

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  15. To add a new post in WordPress using Gutenberg and utilize all its features, follow the steps below:

    Login to your WordPress website and go to the Dashboard.

    Click on “Posts” from the left-hand menu and select “Add New.”

    You will be taken to the Gutenberg editor interface, where you can start creating your post.

    Start by giving your post a title. The title field is located at the top of the editor.

    Next, add your content by clicking on the blank space below the title field. Here you can add text, images, videos, and other media files. You can also format your text by using the various formatting options in the toolbar.

    To add a block to your post, click on the plus icon located at the top left corner of the editor. You can choose from a wide range of blocks, including text, image, video, audio, and more.

    You can also add custom blocks by clicking on the “Add Block” button and selecting “Block Inserter.”

    To edit a block, click on the block and use the options in the block toolbar.

    You can also customize the overall design of your post by using the options in the “Post Settings” panel located on the right-hand side of the editor.

    Once you are done creating your post, click on the “Publish” button located on the top right corner of the editor to make it live.

    You can also preview your post by clicking on the “Preview” button or save it as a draft by clicking on the “Save Draft” button.

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