Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

10+ Best and Free Responsive Magazine WordPress Themes for 2019

Here we make a list of amazing magazine WordPress themes which will surely match with your features list. Let’s have a look towards this listed theme so you can choose the perfect one and successfully built a wonderful website.

Best and Easy Method for Adding Google AdSense to Your WordPress Site

Google AdSense is a monetization network owned and operated by Google. This program provides a platform for website holder and bloggers to generate income by showing automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements on their websites.

Modula – A Stylish, Handy & Convenient WordPress Gallery Plugin

All Modula galleries are 100% responsive so that they look great regardless of any devices on which they are being viewed. Custom grids are introduced in Modula to give greater flexibility over how you display the images on your website.

Minimal and Responsive Free WooCommerce Theme- StoreCommerce

StoreCommerce is one of the e-commerce based themes which gives a professional look to your website. It is a powerful free WordPress theme which is advanced and flexible in nature. StoreCommerce is highly integrated with WooCommerce plugins.