AFThemes was created back in 2013 and we started off by releasing free WordPress themes on WordPress.org. We had some early success with themes like Fashionista and Hiero, which are both still popular to this day, so decided to release more themes and see what happened. Eventually, because our users kept asking for more features, we decided that we should try creating premium versions of our themes. So in August 2014 we released Alizee Pro, which did quite well, and so we decided to carry on with this model.

Writing this in late 2017 and it’s been an incredible year, with our theme Sydney reaching 200,000 active installs! This makes it easily one of the most popular themes on WordPress.org and we continue to make it better and better with every release. We’ve also just recently given its premium upgrade version, Sydney Pro, a design refresh that will ensure it remains the choice of businesses and freelancers everywhere looking for a modern business theme with all the features needed to create a successful online presence. Bring on 2018!